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Trader Wars



Start date: 27-12-2018
End date: 30-12-2019

Offer address to:

All clients with standard.mt4, pro.ecn.mt4 and ecn.mt4 accounts.

How apply:

End with the highest profit % of each round. The top 16 participants from each faction after the first stage of the round, will be the only ones participating in the second week (knock out stage) starting with the round of 32 as follows:1st place of Faction 1 vs 16th place of Faction 22nd place of Faction 1 vs 15th place of Faction 23rd place of Faction 1 vs 14th place of Faction 2…14th place of Faction 1 vs 3rd place of Faction 215th place of Faction 1 vs 2nd place of Faction 216th place of Faction 1 vs 1st place of Faction 2After this, it comes the round of 16, then quarter-finals and so on up to the final. Each round of the 2nd stage will last one day only.


The contest’s rules can be changed or the contest itself can be terminated at any time without previous notice.


Register to the round you want to participate and deposit no less than 50 EUR/GLD/USD. Choose a faction: “Bulls” (Faction 1) or “Bears” (Faction 2).

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