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ProfitiX Education VOD Library from ProfitiX:

Tutorials Video library. \ From Basic Forex Education to Trading Crytocurrencies.

Expiry Date: 31-12-2019

Sainmaco Crypto Pro Courses from Sainmaco:

The Crypto Pro Course, you will learn how trader cryptocurrencies with us, how does mining work and get profits.

Expiry Date: 31-12-2019

Regum Intensive Course Financial Markets in Uruguay, Chile y Perú (In Spanish):

the best training offer in the financial and investment sector in Latin America, with a practical and dynamic approach, with high-level speakers...

Expiry Date: 31-12-2019

Forex Strategies Free strategies & systems:

Get access to Basic, Complex and Advanced Forex strategies. No registration, fees required. Learn to trade with great Entry and Exit ideas.

Expiry Date: 30-12-2019

2dots eBooks (in Spanish):

Get access to a series of eBooks. It includes an eBook trading guide, a CFDs eBook, and a cryptocurrencies trading guide in the form of an eBook.

Expiry Date: 30-12-2019

2dots Video Courses (in Spanish):

Get access to a complete video collection that will help you to improve your trading skills, you will get a CFDs course and a Forex course, each...

Expiry Date: 30-12-2019

One-on-One Trading Sessions



End date: 30-12-2019

Offer address to:

New clients

How apply:

Simply open an account and request your sessions.



Get access for free to a series of one-on-one trading sessions with a trading expert whom will help you to understand trading and improve your trading skills. The amount of sessions depend on your type of account as follows:Basic account – Get 1 month of sessionsBronze account – Get 2 months of sessionsSilver account – Get 3 months of sessionsGold account – Get 4 months of sessionsPlatinum and Diamond account – Get unlimited number of sessions

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